Trusted by millions, 2GIG products deliver ever-increasing
functionality, rock-solid reliability and frictionless
upgradeability that also protect dealer investments. Our
extensive development expertise with a pinpoint focus on
security enables us to engineer systems that are not only
more feature-rich, but also easier to use. This gives our dealer
partners a competitive advantage in offering customers more
choices and options for incorporating the newest, fastest and
most robust technology available on the market.

Whole Home or Commercial Audio Systems


Fill your home with music and audio enjoyment inside and out using audio products from SpeakerCraft®, the legendary and internationally recognized speaker brand by Nice. SpeakerCraft products combine premier audio with designer aesthetics to deliver whole-home entertainment experiences that match your living space requirements and characteristics. Reverberating through every SpeakerCraft loudspeaker and subwoofer is a collective 100 years of audio innovation, design and technology from the Nice portfolio.

Making Independent Living Safe and Secure


Giving people, their families, and caregivers a feeling of enhanced confidence and safety
is what Numera personal emergency response system (PERS) products are all about.
Whether you are an active and healthy senior, a lone worker, or someone concerned
about personal security – all can confidently go about their daily lives with the assurance
they have instant access to help when the need arises when using our medical alert