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Bursma was supplying antennas for radios before TV was readily available. When TV became popular it was a natural fit for Bursma to start distributing the Antenna and Towers needed to bring the signal and programming into the homes and businesses. Sixty-five years later we are still the largest full line distributor of Antenna and Tower. No one has more Antenna and Tower expertise than Bursma. If you have questions, ask the experts, contact Bursma.

Bursma already has almost two decades of experience selling and providing installation expertise for the Satellite industry. We are the largest retailer of Dish products in Michigan and Ohio and would like to help you understand this great selling opportunity. If you have customers in an area that cannot get PTP WiFi we have a high speed satellite internet solution. Give us a call so we can help you help your customer.

If you need help deciding if Satellite or Antenna and Tower is best for you, or which of the hundreds of products would work best, let us know by calling us at 1-800-777-2604 or drop us an email

As a member of the Bursma team you are invited to our Bursma Academy to learn about these products at our local offices periodically throughout the year. See our training calendar on our web site home page for the next training near you.

Currently we carry the following Satellite, Antenna, and Tower Manufacturer’s products to help you grow your business:



Thomas & Betts

Ronard Industries

Wade Antenna