Dish Network Rewards Program


Did you know that Bursma is the largest Dish Network Authorized Retailer in Michigan and Ohio.   We offer this program to help our dealers generate more sales and installation revenue for their business.   For many small business people providing Dish sales and installation is not an option due to the cost of doing business or a lack of technical skills.   We also know it is very complicated working with Dish Network with all of their changes and difficult processes.  

Bursma wants to simplify the Dish sales and installation processes for you and let you choose the parts that make the best business sense and profit sense for you.  We are offering several programs that will reward you for handling the portion of the Dish process you do best.  If you want to do sales only we welcome you to partner with Bursma to increase your revenue through Dish sales.  If your business plan lends you toward installation and service calls only, we welcome your partnership.  If you would like to do both the sales and service Bursma is here to provide new opportunities for you to grow your business.

Here are the three programs we offer and how you can be rewarded.

  1. Referral – How would you like to get paid for simply referring a potential Dish customer?  You don’t even have to talk about packages or pricing.  We will call the customer directly and explain the packages and what would work best for them.  Just provide us with a name and phone number.   If they are approved by Dish, you will receive a Bursma credit on your account, the same day the dish is installed!  Call Art at 616-389-6379 for reward details.

  2. Sale - Want to get cash instead of credit?  Bursma will pay you to be a Dish Network Sales agent.  We can provide you with Dish marketing materials you require, as well as assist in advertising.  Don’t want to install?  No problem!  We have several installers in all corners of the state that are waiting for jobs.  If you wish, we can partner you up with an installer in your area to do your installs.  We can also set up the install independently and you don’t have to worry about it. The incentive payment increases for each extra room .  Call Art at 616-389-6379 for incentive details.

  3. Install and Service – Are you looking for more customers in this competitive economy?  We have heard from many installers who are having a hard time selling to new customers.  Many are not comfortable with the sales process and would like to have jobs sent their way, so they can do what they specialize in, installing!   A normal 2 room system pays an incentive for installation and increases for each extra room.  Remember, you can also get an extra stipend if you refer the customer or another incentive if you make the sale!   Call Art at 616-389-6379 for incentive details.


Big corporations bring to market big products that make our lives better in many ways.  Dish is a big corporation that brings the Best in TV programming at a great value.  Now Dish brings High Speed Internet to marketplaces that just a short while ago did not have any option.  Without Dish Bursma and our dealers could not provide these services to the end user.  As with any big corporation though there are challenges working with them.  Let Bursma be your partner to make it easy to bring in extra revenue and we will work with the big corporation.  We will keep you informed of all the corporate changes, keep your sales and technical staff up to date, and handle all of the paperwork challenges for you while you just cash the checks.  Become a part of the Bursma Dish Network team by calling Art today.