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There’s no need for cable or satellite services anymore! If you’ve been waiting for a solution to the skyrocketing costs of your home entertainment, it’s time to enjoy the “peace” of mind only a DUV® antenna from DigiTenna® can provide.

FREE HD Reception

Now you can receive non-premium channel, high-definition television broadcasts for FREE with a DUV antenna from DigiTenna. That’s right, true 1080p high-definition programming with NO monthly fee. DUV antennas are the smallest, simplest, highest performing solutions for either home or professional-minded installations. While only about half the size of a typical outdoor antenna from years past, DUV antennas are powerful enough to capture the most high-definition, multi-cast channels in your area.

DUV Technology

The specialized design of the DUV antenna begins with its size and simple yet highly efficient parts. More compact than a traditional “yagi” style antenna, the DUV antenna models utilize features such as precisely-formed elements, enclosed circuitry, and minimal connection points to rival competitors over twice its size. The strategic arrangement of the elements as well as the sealed electrical components give the DUV models superior durability and the capacity to pull in VHF high band signals without sacrificing reception of UHF signals. At the heart of each DigiTenna antenna is an interchangeable DUV module. This module houses the connection points between each precisely engineered DUV element and the associated electrical components and circuit board. Placing the circuit board at the source of the reception allows for maximum efficiency as well as sealed connections that will not corrode or degrade. Surrounding this module is a particular assortment of parts and elements that are interchangeable between most of the DUV models, making on-site customization possible.